Sunday, June 30, 2013

Phil Collins Can't Dance and Neither Can the Lit Maven


It's true...the Lit Maven can't dance...

This I can do...

This I can not... is my EDUCATIONAL point...

Oh? You have one Lit Maven....


In yoga...we have something called Child's Pose. This is a pose that you can go into if you feel overwhelmed and to restore breathing or even your mind.

Well...I think we need a "Child's Pose" for learning in schools. When a student struggles are they allowed to "regroup" and go into a pose?  I would think may times they end up asking to go to the bathroom or sharpen a pencil.

I was faced with a dance activity at work. The Lit Maven was asked to learn "Gumboot Dancing" in 10 minutes!

Oh my goodness Lit Maven!!!

I know...right!

I almost died a slow death. The Lit Maven does not dance....or slap legs in rhythm...or anything sychronized.  Especially that fast!  I guess the activity was fast paced...cause adults learn fast...nope...not in this case...not this one.

Needless to say...I left to get migraine pills and never returned.

Had I had an optional pose or ever a slower-scaffolded learning sequence I might have stayed.

Needless to say...adults are people too, students are definitely people please let your students in on all the variations to learning and how they can be together with the group, either with more support, slower pace or even a child's pose if necessary.

Cause Phil Collin's can't dance...and no one said he had too! This comforts the Lit Maven greatly :)

Until Next Time,
Lit Maven Out!

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