Saturday, March 30, 2013

LiveBinders...Val Kilmer says Yes!

Sometimes you just need to ask why?

I like Monkeys in coats.

But Monkeys and singers.....what's that about? Ahem...Bieber?

Bubbles and Michael

Not a genius a genius move....

But what is a genius move?

This LiveBinder is....Check out the Genius Hour!

"Genius Hour is a precious time, loved by all my students. It is when they are allowed to develop their own inquiry question about whatever it is that they want to explore. They are then given about 3 one hour Genius Hour sessions and then they are usually ready to present their learning to the class." - Gallit Zvi

This intrigued me!  What brilliance! Can you imagine the Lit Maven off exploring...

It would probably look something like this...

Not surprised Lit Maven!

So many decisions...where does one begin?

Well, in addition to the LiveBinder I also found a Stan Wit Wiki about it too!

Lit Maven...that does not make sense! 

I beg to differ...I can create word-foolery like no one's business.

Val Kilmer?...Lit Maven?

Ah..yes..Val....a REAL GENIUS!


Yep! Check it out!

Until Next time,
Lit Maven out!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Yoda Fist Pumps Jesus Jones...What We Can Learn from Star Wars Identities

Recently I attended Identities, the Star Wars exhibit.

It was for a better word...the coolest thing ever!

Not a surprise...Lit Maven....

I know...but the thing is...I felt ultra cool with the communication device in my ear. I thought..."I can rock this like no one's business."

If you are not familiar with the exhibit, the communication device that they lend you, picks up audio from the various video displays.  It goes around one ear and has a dial for sound and language selection. It only picks up the audio if you are within range of a monitor.

So you can hop in and out of range. The rest of the exhibit is relatively quiet. 

Just like this scene from Ace Ventura Pet Detective...

Can you imagine this in a school?

Jim Carrey?

No...communication devices....

  • Kids listening to information, in 3-4 minute chunks.
  • Kids choosing the language they listen to.
  • Kids choosing the level of sound.
  • Kids choosing the order of information.
  • Kids mixing, in all ages, to process the information.
Hmmm....I think it is something to ponder...

Lit Maven?...Yoda?...Jesus Jones?... Yoda  is all about..."Do or do not...there is no try."

So I was thinking..."Yoda lives in the now!"

Uh huh...ok Lit Maven....

Who else is all into the now stuff?

Jesus Jones?

Yes....and although this song is really speaks to me.
Right here, right now...there is no time in education that I would rather be.


Until Next Time,

Lit Maven Out!

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