Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A Human Head Weighs 8 Pounds? Ideas for Education

Who can forget?....

Well...that kid knows how to keep a conversation going! In order to keep an idea flow going, you must decide:


Boynton and Fischer (2011) state,
" create successful conversation, make sure that you're sending the right signals to your conversation partners, letting them know that you're interested in the real exchange of ideas." (p.132)

So first...what is a Terminator? Besides the obvious

The book gives examples of the way doctors talk to their patients, sometimes they indicate they want to "continue" the conversation, and other times to "terminate" (p133).
Here is a real life "Terminator" example:

Flashback to Feb 1998, I was newly diagnosed with Cancer. Every visit I had to get a chest x-ray. This time I looked at the requisition form and in the section labeled Stage was:
Stage IV....
This stage is bad...
there is no state V.

I had been told I was stage II.

So I asked, "Oh it says stage IV, I thought I was stage II."

Cancer doctor said, " are Stage IV...which means you now only have 65-80% survival rate."


(PS..isn't this a sad picture!!..for so many reasons...)

Ok, let's try that is a "Continuer" example:

So I asked, "Oh it says stage IV, I thought I was stage II."

Cancer doctor could have said, "I am sorry for the confusion, let's talk about it."

Can you see the difference?!

Please check out the rest of the conversation.
So there we have it...

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