Friday, September 23, 2011

LiveBinders...Much Better Than...One Size Fits Most!

Yesterday I had a presentation in front 150 plus educators. Thankfully, I am used to this but it is so hard to tailor a presentation to that size.

I got a chuckle this morning when I read in the AVON catalogue...

ITEM: FOXY FEDORA "One Size Fits Most."

I laughed at the disclaimer...sort of a promise without the committment.

That's exactly how I felt yesterday. I hoped that each teacher found something that helped them with their language arts program. But like anything there will be some people that leave frustrated that it was too much for them to take in or...too little.

So I guess, that's where LiveBinders come in.

Is it possible that "One LiveBinder can fit ALL?"


Those nifty little tabs make it easy to differentiate. For example, if the topic was bears. Isn't it possible that bears would be the general tab with pertinent information about a project. Then, the subtabs could provide the options based on ability or choice of modality.

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm .....I think I have hit on something.

Cause you definitely don't want this!

Until Next Time,
Lit Maven Out!

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