Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Want Best Practices to Go Viral?...Use a LiveBinder!

Well...I am back with great news about my LiveBinder experiment. Remember I was worried about feeling like Sheldon..

I shouldn't have! An hour into the inservice I was told that I reminded them of Amy Farrah Fowler

Should I Laugh...or cry...

Well anyway here's what I learned...

1. Teachers want to share!
No surprise there but the teachers were very excited at the possibilities...

The possibilities to share information with staff.

The possibilities to create their own LiveBinders.

The possibilities of trying something new!

2. Teachers appreciated the LiveBinders in advance of the session.

I did have a fear they would judge the session by the LiveBinder...or feel, "What's the point of's all here." Nope! Instead the LiveBinders created excitement and by sending it in advance there was a sense of familiarity.

3. Teachers appreciated the facilitating nature of the presentation.
This presentation was no "sit and git" or listen to the "talking head". Instead I was able to select tabs in the binder based on the flow and needs of the teachers. In addition, I gave teachers access to Netbooks! Not all of them took the offer but most appreciated that they could "follow along" and use the links during table talk and work processing time.

Overall, I think it was a success! I am curious to see how many views the LiveBinders gets overtime. I put the settings on private but I plan to do some public ones in the future. LiveBinders continue to lure me in ways that I have yet to try
...oh no!!!

I do sound like her!

Until Next Time,
Lit Maven Out!

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